Relic #1 – King John ‘eil Leads the Termite Parade

I spent part of the weekend unpacking more boxes and found some old records (see Weekend Update #1). One of them was Kamchatka III. Kamchatka is a fusion/improvisational group lead by Dave McNally (I believe they still play?). I was a member of the group in the mid-2000s. For the third record, Dave let me take over production. We recorded it in my home studio, then known as Doctor Corporate and in my parents garage & basement.

Inside sleeve from Kamchatka III.

This was a fun record & the first Kamchatka record done in the analog realm (including tape splice edits!). It was also my introduction to Matt Whitcomb who would go on to be Volcano Kings‘ lead guitarist. This is my favorite track from that record, but my favorite movement starts at 4:58 – Neil and Dave lock into such a great feel for almost two minutes while Matt and I layer chaos. Bon appetit!

King John ‘eil Leads the Termite Parade (2008)
More info: Kamchatka III 


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