Weekend Update #3: Stormy Weather & Construction

It was a stormy weekend, perfect for projects.

The control room now has a ‘pegboard’ wall that replaced a poorly constructed wall built by the previous tenant. Inspired by “Helmholtz resonator” style walls in photos of classic studios. We salvaged what we could of the wall, including attempting to make it a square (it’s actually a pretty crazy shape when you run the numbers, but it looks square now). Put in some new lights, hung a sound absorption panel in the control room, and other bits of unglamorous work (including a few cans of Great Stuff to seal some cracks) were taken care of. Many thanks to Bob Davis, my dad, for leading the wall-rebuild project.

In addition to construction, we mastered the PIXELS record to quarter inch tape Friday evening. I have started dubbing to cassette and stamping tapes – DIY or die.

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