Week 7

IMG_0099_editI came home to find these waiting for me – a Roswell Mini K47 condenser microphone and a replacement tweeter from The Speaker Exchange. Okay – sure, a tweeter isn’t exactly THAT exciting except that it came so fast. The people at The Speaker Exchange are awesome and sent a replacement quickly and with no issue or charge. That never happens! [See: Week 6]

The Roswell Mini K47 lives up to its reputation – it is the best microphone under 500 dollars (at least that I’ve ever used). I ran some side by side tests with my other condensers and the Roswell showed an undeniable presence in the mid range that is pleasing and natural.

I compared the Mini K47 with a Shure SM81 and an AudioTechnica 2020. Obviously all these microphones should, and do, sound totally different, but it is nice to know HOW they sound different – so I made a playlist of my friend noodling on a well known song. I recorded it with all three mics placed side by side [at about the neck of an acoustic guitar]. What do you think?

Fostex VF-16 extraction and “Home Bruise.”


The first muti-tracked recordings I ever made were with a Fostex VF-16. Between 2001 to 2004 it got a ton of use. I’m happy to say it’s still running strong. In 2004 my friend Neil Hodge recorded a track with me called, “Home Bruise,” but we were never able to finish it. A rough mix of it has been floating around the internet for years,  but the multi-track has been trapped on a 40 GB hard drive in the Fostex VF-16 …. UNTIL NOW. I used ADAT output to extract all 16 tracks into my Alesis HD24, took the tracks from there to my MAC (via ethernet), and finally to GoogleDrive and across the continent to Neil (aka. Mitis Lumen) in Los Angeles. Can’t believe how good that little machine was/is, and still trucking after almost two decades of use (my dad still uses it with his band, the Mystic Voyagers).

Finally, I found this cute lamp the other day, here it is on the organ!


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