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To keep analog recording accessible. To facilitate the making of great records. To have fun. To think outside the box.

Why analog?

I enjoy the challenges, limitations, tricks, innovations, and zen of the analog process. Oh, and some of us are partial to the way tape sounds!

If you’re thinking of booking a session, check out this detailed list of our analog recording options and see which one works best for you!

Can I record digital @ subModern?

YES. We have have a current version of Pro-Tools and a 24-track digital recorder, and we aren’t afraid to use themIf you want to work digital, cool, we can do it! At the end of the day it’s about the music –> drop us a line.

 Can I record hybrid?

Sure. We can digitize anything to ‘stems’ and we can bounce anything back to tape. Give us as much detail about your project as you can when you contact us.

I don’t need/want to keep the tape, can I rent it?

We can rent you a session reel, but it is not ideal. Costs vary depending on project needs.

I already have some tape, can I use that?

Maybe – drop us a line with the size & brand of tape AND any numbers/data printed on the box.