subModern History

a subModern Story

subModern Audio began in 2010, in the corner of my art studio in Central Falls, Rhode Island. A few years + spaces later the studio had filled a dedicated space on Dike Street in Providence. Groups including Bryan ReynoldsDivey, Pixels, Hot Tramps, and Leiko made records here. Eventually the needs of the studio outgrew the reality of the space on Dike Street. The gear moved into my basement as I began the search for a new home. During those musty months, in cramped quarters, the first FINE. record and Pixels’ Accessories EP were recorded.

Today subModern Audio occupies two mid-century-chic offices in a former bank building.  The space has been described as a bit of a time capsule and as a fun, casual & creative environment for making good records.

In the control room, May 2018. Photo by Amy Montali.

About me: Hi, I’m Andy Davis. I run subModern Audio. I have been recording music since I was teenager, around the year 2000. I started digital (literally plugging my guitar into a Soundblaster 16 sound card) but quickly went down an analog wormhole. I briefly attended Columbia College for audio engineering in 2006, but graduated with a BA in photography from Rhode Island College (2011). My photography is also analog. I’ve played and toured with several bands and engineered dozens of records.


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