subModern Live Series (EP 4 & 5)

Jill Kaye & Ed Foster WVVX subModern Live Series
Photo by Davyde X (September 2018).

We welcomed autumn with a double taping for the subModern Live series, this time featuring two wonderful song-writers/performers – Edward Foster’s “Voodoo Cuisine” and Jillian Kay. As always, the subModern Live series is produced for WVVX, 101.1 FM Providence Community Radio – we will update you as soon as air dates are announced. In the meantime, you can stream the pilot episode, featuring Harvey Garbage + the Flowers.

In other news, we are now booking for 2019!

subModern live Series Continues

Photo by DAVYDE X.

Objects in Mirror was our third featured performer for the subModern Live series.

ProComRad has hit some snags in it’s official launch (it’s coming soon), but we’re continuing to record these beautiful performances – you’ll be hearing them soon on the radio, but  in the meantime you can stream it here.


Objects in Mirror with the subModern crew (Scott Money, Shawn the Tiger, DAVYDE X, and X-tina).

SubModern Live Series


Photographs by Davyde X

SubModern Audio is producing a live-from-tape radio show, submodern live, which will be broadcast by Providence Community Radio on 101.1 FM beginning at the end of the summer. For the first taping we invited friends Harvey Garbage + the Flowers. The show is taped before a live studio audience to analog tape. After the performance we invite the band into the control room for an interview and hang out. If you’re interested in attending a taping send an email to

The next show will be August 14th with Vudu Sister.



We released a HARVEY GARBAGE + THE FLOWERS tape. Here’s some session photos by Em Jiang:

We did some other stuff, too:

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I have started tracking for a new BENDAYS record with my mates Scott, Shawn & Lawrence.

A BENDAYS demo I recorded last March was included on the 75 or less 2018 Summer Sampler. Thanks to my dad & my sweetheart, Lauren, for singing along with me on this version! & to Ethan for engineering it!


Spring Update

The winter went by fast with all kinds of projects. We’ve also acquired some new gear, built some new infrastructure (is that the word for it?) and our front door has a nice new logo. Still dreaming of a neon sign for the window.

New stuff
Yamaha upright piano
moveable & colorful sound baffles [with help from Bob Davis!]
new microphones {more on this later?}
subModern audio sign for door [courtesy of Bob Davis!]
NS-10M monitors

In Progress
Synchronization system for our tape machines (!!!)
Signal delay system for phase aligning sources (in the analog realm)
New custom rack unit [courtesy, again, of Bob Davis!]

Below: Sound baffle construction with Bob Davis at Tri-Power [Left], baffles in action during a radio promo with Rudy Cheeks of the Young Adults for Providence Community Radio.


Extraordinary Rendition Band at the end of a long tracking session (April 2018).



Below: A Sasquatch-esque photo of our new piano before it moved to its permanent home.

look at that piano.png

January 2018 Updates

All our analog multi-track machines are currently up and running! We are booking about two months in advance.

We are currently restoring an Ampex 440B 1/2″ 1/2 track machine!! The machine has a mysterious history, but may have been used to make commercials for a local furniture chain. In any event, someone tried to convert it to run 1/4″ tape but goofed the headstock/guide combo, we are customizing parts to get it running. Updates to come. Transport and pre-amps are in good working order.


Pixels Accessories is finally released on cassette and CD – pick it up through our friends at 75 or Less Records.

keeping it analog even when the good gear is in the shop

Back in December the Otari was having some hi-cups so it went into the shop, the Fostex was also waiting on parts. Sure, we had Pro-Tools and the ADAT but that’s no fun. Here’s an experiment by Quitters [Ethan, Shawn, and myself]. The question — how can we record all analog with only a four track 1/4″ and a cassette deck and keep it sounding pretty good?

We used a Tascam 22-4 @ 15 IPS and a Denon Cassette deck to keep the ones&zeros out of the mix here’s the process for THE WALL OF HISS SOUND!

Drums + Guitar recorded to 4 track reel to reel
–> bounce to cassette in stereo
–> bounce two tracks back to reel to reel + add bass + second guitar
–> bounce to cassette
–> bounce to reel to reel and add two tracks of vocals.

XR-TABS EP is done and awaiting release. Here they are photographed on the last day of mixing.


Hopper spent four days tracking 8 songs, three of which are being released as an EP very soon. Will post links once they are public.


Hopper, a brand new band (they came into the studio without a name), finished a three song EP and tracked five more songs towards a full length album – all done with 1/2″ 16 track [Fostex E-16].
Current control room layout (always changing).

IMG-0323We dubbed cassettes of some subModern associated projects. they will be featured Thursday, January 25th at I Want 2 Make Luv 2 U on a Bed of Lettuce, an art Salon in Providence that will feature dozens of Providence and regional artists’ work. Here’s a photo of me testing the dubs on my vintage “Channel Master” at home.