Submodern Audio: Elmwood Era Records

As of March 31, 2020 we have officially relocated (more about that later).

While the world is in isolation, we are slowly working to get our new location up and running (while maintaining the latest standards in social distancing).

In the meantime, here’s a look back at the records we made at the Elmwood Ave location!

Elmwood Era Records
July 2017 – March 2020

The first record we made in the new location (Nov 2017 and Nov 2018). I helped release this album on subModern Records  as a CD and cassette.

Released in March 2020, this was the second record we did at Elmwood (January 2018-September 2019).

I released this on on cassette, you can still stream it from their website (May 2018).

Spooky, world ending music, maybe more appropriate than ever. Summer 2018.

MY BAND! We self released this cassette EP in October 2018. We’re still finishing up a full length follow up.

This was a fun and epic album to make – I had the privilege of working very closely with Marios (pre-social distancing) on many long mixing / production sessions (May 2018-February 2019).

This record brought us from winter 2019 into spring time, and was a joy to record on quiet Sunday mornings.

This record begin in Vermont and finished at subModern. In February I packed the 388  (tape recorder) and a few peripherals into my partner’s car and drove to Tom’s mountain-side home.  We finished during spring at subModern Audio on Elmwood and it was released at the end of summer 2019. BONUS: I helped release this on reel to reel (contact me if you want to get one, there are a few left!)

This record has lots of gems on it, and was how I spent much of the summer of 2019. Reminds me of Dire Straits meets the Meat Puppets.

We were lucky to work on many other recordings, some are yet unreleased, still being mixed, etc – some were demos, all were fun.

In the summer of 2018 we started the subModern Live Series, which you can listen to here – we will be resuming the live series this month, please get in touch if you’d like to be on the show.

Hope you’re all staying healthy and safe!

I am trying to stay optimistic for the rest of this turd of a year,

Andy / subModern Audio / the Bendays / Pixels / Olneyville, USA! etc.

subModern Archives – “Mix” Tape ca. 1965 – 36 songs!

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I wanted to share this awesome mix of oldies that I just digitized. The mix comes from a reel of tape that came with my first working reel to reel, a TEAC 4010. Sadly I no longer have the TEAC, I gave it to a friend years ago as a gift.

The TEAC 4010 came with about two dozen reels. The previous owner, believed to be Tom Celona (see playlist photos) had dubbed his record collection onto these tapes sometime in the 1970s.

Based on the track listing (newest song is from 1965) and that it was recorded on acetate tape stock, I’m guessing this tape to have been made between 1965-1970.

This particular reel, labeled “12” (subModern archive #07.PR.012) is unique in that it is a collection of singles taped from 45s, making it a very early example of a mix tape. At the end of the recording the creator of the tape recorded a message explaining that he made the mix from his personal 45 collection (one William Deignan Ridge street in East Providence, RI). Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any of the recordings contained on this reel, it is presented here as a historic artifact and is not intended for commercial use.


  1. Conway Twitty – Lonely Boy
  2. Conway Twitty – It’s Only Make Believe
  3. Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels – Devil With the Blue Dress
  4. Fireflies – You Were Mine
  5. The Human Being – Nobody But Me
  6. The Duprees – Why Don’t You Believe Me?
  7. The Classics – Till Then
  8. Barry and the Tamarlines – I Wonder What She’s Doing
  9. Freddy Cannon – Palisades Park
  10. 10. Chubby Checker – The Twist
  11. Nat King Cole – That Sunday, That Summer
  12. The Beatles – She Loves You
  13. Roy Orbison – Only the Lonely
  14. Roy Orbison – Blue Angel
  15. Conway Twitty – Halfway to Heaven
  16. Frank Ifield – I Remember You
  17. Roy Orbison – Crying
  18. Orlons – Don’t Hang Up
  19. Ricky Nelson – Sweater Than You
  20. Tommy Edwards – Please Love Me Forever
  21. Tommy Edwards – It’s All in the Game
  22. The Kinks – You Really Got Me
  23. The Coasters – Poison Ivy
  24. Frankie Avalon – I’ll Wait for You
  25. The Everly Brothers – Cryin’ in the Rain
  26. The Beatles – I Saw Her Standing There
  27. The Beatles – I Want to Hold Your Hand
  28. The Beach Boys – Help Me Rhonda
  29. The Everly Brothers – Bird Dog
  30. The Kinks – Tired of Waiting for You
  31. Johnny Burnett – You’re Sixteen
  32. Brenda Lee – I’m Sorry
  33. Brenda Lee – That’s All You Gotta Do
  34. Roy Orbison – Candy Man
  35. Roy Orbison – Here Comes that Song Again
  36. The Beatles – Please Mr. Postman

Spring 2019

I’ve been so busy with the studio I haven’t had much time to update the blog. Here’s the latest:

Changed control room configuration (see photos).

Acquired Otari MX-70 16 track 1″ tape machine.

subModern Music Radio show continues to air, every Wednesday night at 9 PM on 101.1 FM WVVX.

We’re booking now for May and later, looking forward to working with you!


subModern Live Series (EP 4 & 5)

Jill Kaye & Ed Foster WVVX subModern Live Series
Photo by Davyde X (September 2018).

We welcomed autumn with a double taping for the subModern Live series, this time featuring two wonderful song-writers/performers – Edward Foster’s “Voodoo Cuisine” and Jillian Kay. As always, the subModern Live series is produced for WVVX, 101.1 FM Providence Community Radio – we will update you as soon as air dates are announced. In the meantime, you can stream the pilot episode, featuring Harvey Garbage + the Flowers.

In other news, we are now booking for 2019!

subModern live Series Continues

Photo by DAVYDE X.

Objects in Mirror was our third featured performer for the subModern Live series.

ProComRad has hit some snags in it’s official launch (it’s coming soon), but we’re continuing to record these beautiful performances – you’ll be hearing them soon on the radio, but  in the meantime you can stream it here.


Objects in Mirror with the subModern crew (Scott Money, Shawn the Tiger, DAVYDE X, and X-tina).

SubModern Live Series


Photographs by Davyde X

SubModern Audio is producing a live-from-tape radio show, submodern live, which will be broadcast by Providence Community Radio on 101.1 FM beginning at the end of the summer. For the first taping we invited friends Harvey Garbage + the Flowers. The show is taped before a live studio audience to analog tape. After the performance we invite the band into the control room for an interview and hang out. If you’re interested in attending a taping send an email to

The next show will be August 14th with Vudu Sister.