Recording Options / Tape Cost

This page breaks down approximate tape cost to track count and fidelity.
Please note this is not including studio/engineer time.

Recording options


best deal $$

Record on our Tascam 388 (8 tracks), a legendary machine that has an unmistakeable sound. Alternatively, go four track with our Tascam 22-4 (4 tracks).

8/4 tracks, approximately 45 minutes per tape
Tape: 1/4″ 1800′ ($40)

best quality

Track to our Otari MX-5050 mkiii – the heart of subModern Audio. This machine ueses half inch tape and can run at two speeds giving you either 30 or 60 minutes of music per reel. The Otari MX-5050 mkiii is the model used by Jack Endino for many of the early Sub-Pop records, including a well known grunge classic.

8 tracks approximately 32 minutes (15 IPS) or 64 minutes (7.5 IPS)
Requires: 1/2″ 2500′ tape ($100)
Machine: Otari MX5050 mk iii

most tracks (uses synchronization)

Need more tracks? We can run two machines in sync to stack up the tracks.

14 tracks, approximately 32 minutes per 2 tapes
Requires: 1/4″ 1800′ tape AND 1/2″ 2500′ tape ($140)
Machines: Otari MX 5050 mkiii & Tascam 388